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Frí sending á pósthús á pöntunum yfir 8000kr!

Nasty Salt 10ML

eftir Nasty Juice
1,300 kr

20mg        50%VG/50%PG

Bloody Berry - is a berry fruit blend featuring a sharp citrus twist. A combination of sweet raspberry and zesty lemon collide throughout for a balanced vape

Shisha Lemon Mint -  is a citrus blend with a cool finish. A zesty lemon greets you on inhale before a crisp, icy mint takes over for a distinct e-liquid, ideal for vapers who prefer sharp tastes.

Fat Boy - low mint This is a flavour that's far from nasty. Fat Boy is a delicious mango fruity flavour that's slightly minty but not too cold. All Nasty Juice flavours boasts a superior taste profile without having an overpowering cooling aftertaste.

Green Grape  - Nasty Juice have taken inspiration dating back to the Mongol empire with their Shisha series, light and crisp, this blend of green and white grapes is the refreshing fruity eliquid you've been looking for

A$AP Grape  - A grape punch flavoured e-liquid with a mild menthol kick

Wicked Haze -  features a sweet blend of blackcurrants fused with freshly squeezed lemonade.

Slow Blow -  is perhaps the most complex in the Nasty Juice range, it has a sweet pineapple flavour note that is present throughout, with a citrus taste thanks to the lime flavour.

Hippie Trail - is a tantalizing nicotine salt creation, blending together citrusy notes of lemon-lime coupled with effective nicotine salts to create an eJuice that is sure to captivate the senses. 

Trap Queen - Trap Queen by Nasty SALT captures the true essence of freshly picked summertime strawberries bursting with juicy flavor, incorporating powerful nicotine salt elements that will send the taste buds on a well-deserved trip

Bad Blood - Nasty Juice Nasty Salt Bad Blood E liquid is a spectacular Blackcurrant-based flavour with notes of Mint for an icy finish upon exhaling.

Sicko Blue - Nasty Juice Nasty Salt Sicko Blue is a specially crafted flavour with freshly plucked blue raspberries and sweet ripe berries.

Icy Mint -   is a menthol blend with a distinctive cooling taste. The icy bite of menthol is consistent throughout, softened by sweet notes, for a simple yet bold vape.

Gold - If you love the nutty notes in a great flue-cured tobacco leaf, Gold Blend by Nasty Juice is the e-liquid for you. This juice features a base flavour of bold cigar tobacco. On the exhale, though, you'll taste the seductive flavour of sweet almond.

Silver -  fuses savoury and dessert notes, for a contrasting taste. The rich and nutty notes of tobacco are countered by a sweet vanilla custard on exhale, which creates a smooth finish.

Bronze -  is a tobacco blend with smooth notes, the woody notes of tobacco are complemented by caramel for a rich finish.