Frí sending á pósthús á pöntunum yfir 8000kr!
Frí sending á pósthús á pöntunum yfir 8000kr!

ELEMENT Emulsions series 120ML

eftir Element
5,000 kr



Strawberry Whip + Banana Nut - An all time classic duo of creamy Strawberry Whip and Banana Nut

Fresh Squeeze + Crema - A rendezvous of invigorating Fresh Squeeze and rich velvety Crema

Pink Grapefruit + Blueberry - Bold, bright flavors of pink grapefruit, balanced by sweet blueberries and luscious creamy notes.

Key Lime Cookie + Frost - Crumbling Key Lime Cookie enhanced by cool arctic Frost.

Limón + Watermelon Chill - An explosion of crisp blends. Tangy Limón meets refreshing Watermelon Chill.

Pink Lemonade + Key Lime Cookie - Zingy Pink Lemonade fuses with buttery Key Lime Cookie for a memorable encounter.

Strawberry Whip + Watermelon Chill - Irresistible blend of ripe strawberries and cream with juicy watermelon chill.

Pink Lemonade + Pink Grapefruit -  A revitalizing stir of our world-renowned Pink Lemonade and our refreshing newcomer Pink Grapefruit.

Green Apple + Kiwi Redberry - Refreshing kiwi, mature red berries and crisp apples abound in this rich fragrant blend.