Frí sending á pósthús á pöntunum yfir 8000kr!
Frí sending á pósthús á pöntunum yfir 8000kr!

ELEMENT dripper series 120ML

eftir Element
5,000 kr



Apple Acai - A tropical paradise infused with crisp green apple and fruity acai berry 

Banana Nut - Rich banana nut bread infused with caramel

Crema - The ultimate dessert vape

Kiwi Redberry - Alluring bold flavors of mature red berries and refreshing kiwi

Key Lime Cookie - The dessert of the islands

Frost - Icy menthol balanced by subtle sweet tones.

Fresh Squeeze - Vape the taste of fresh squeezed oranges

Pink Grapefruit - Taste the tangy “forbidden fruit” 

Pink Lemonade - Prepare to relish a hot summer day

Pomegranate - Juicy pomegranate abound by vibrant notes of sweet cranberry 

Strawberry Whip - Tart berries with creamy vanilla

Watermelon Chill - Vibrantly juicy watermelon chiller

Zen - An exotic, stress-relieving fusion of lychee, guava and sweet peach with passionflower.

Strawberry whip + Banana Nut - An all time classic duo of creamy Strawberry Whip and Banana Nut 

Pink Grapefruit + Blueberry - Bold, bright flavors of pink grapefruit, balanced by sweet blueberries and luscious creamy notes.