Frí sending á pósthús á pöntunum yfir 8000kr!
Frí sending á pósthús á pöntunum yfir 8000kr!

Dinner Lady Salt 10ML

eftir Dinner Lady
1,300 kr

Vinsælir vökvar frá bretlandi 50VG50PG                                           


Melon Twist - melon and kiwi combined (fáanlegur í 10 og 20mg

Apple Sours - sweet and sour apple juice

Purp Rain - Purple Rain salt nicotine e-liquid by Dinner Lady is a fruit blend containing a concoction of flavours. A mixture of tart raspberry, sour blueberry and zesty lemon combine for a layered e-liquid.

Cola Ice - koolada and cola flavour (fáanlegur í 10 og 20mg

Pink Berry - Pink Berry blends the sharp and sweet flavours of mixed berries with a citrus undertone

Pink Wave - A fruity blend of strawberry and orange combined with creamy coconut

Cafe Tobacco - Combining tobacco with a light hint of coffee

Blue Menthol - combines sweet and fruity berries with a cooling menthol sensation

Lemon Tart - a dessert blend with sharp and rich notes. On inhale, a buttery pastry mixed with a light meringue is present, combined with a sweet, citrus-laced lemon curd flavour for a rich yet authentic taste. (fáanlegur í 10 og 20mg