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asláttarkóði fyrir 5 dollur er SNUS5 - afsláttarkóði fyrir 10 dollur er SNUS10

Uwell Havok pod hylki + coil

eftir Uwell
1,800 kr

1 x hylki + 1 x coil

Uwell HAVOK V1 Refillable Pod w/ Coil

Capable of holding up to 4mL of e-liquid, the replacement cartridge for the uwell havok pod kit comes with a pre-installed Havok V1 UN2 meshed coil, available in either a 0.25Ω or 0.6Ω resistance. Meeting almost every requirement for every vaper, the cartridges are suitable for MTL, RDL, and DTL vaping. The combination of adjustable airflow and output is guaranteed to deliver any personal flavor needs.


Material: PCTG

E-Liquid Capacity: 4mL

Coil Specification:

UN2 Meshed-H 0.25Ω Havok V1 Coil (40W-45W) (DTL)

UN2 Meshed-H 0.6Ω Havok V1 Coil (20W-25W) (MTL / RDL)

NO LEAKING - The Havok V1 Pod is made from a dark translucent PCTG that uses magnets to stay at the top of the device. Since the airflow inlet is located on the side of the cartridge, the chances of e-liquid leakage is close to none!

PRO-FOCS TECHNOLOGY REPLACEABLE COILS - The Pro-FOCS flavor testing technology presents the way e-liquid should be, giving you an excellent vape experience. The flavor your will get from the coil will provide you with a true and untainted flavor, as always. The Havok V1 0.25Ω Coil is perfect for DTL while the 0.6Ω Coil is perfect for RDL and MTL.

TOP SLIDE TO FILL - To fill your Havok V1 with e-liquid, just slide the top cap open. The silicone filling port prevents e-liquid from leaking.

Each box contains one cartridge and one pre-installed coil. 

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